Coin Master Tips and Cheats 2018 – Free Coins And Spins

The benefit you will get when you connect game account with Facebook

  1. You will get 50 extra free spins when you connect game account with Facebook.
  2. First time Bonus when you connect with Facebook is 100k Coins.
  3. You can save your progress when you connect with Facebook
  4. Start playing with your friends on Facebook.
  5. Check your friend’s progress when you connect them with Facebook
  6. Chat with friends about the game
  7. Send you progress and screenshot on your Facebook account.


  1. The game has a simple storyline, spin, and play
  2. All ages love the game due to its cool characters
  3. Addictive game with awesome music to complement it
  4. Beautiful Graphics
  5. Cute characters and very smoothing art use in the game
  6. Connect to social media platform to get 50 extra spins
  7. Spin and upgrade your village
  8. Get hammer which will give you the power to attack other’s people village
  9. Get Shields to protect your village from the outside attack.
  10. Try to Pig Face which will give you a big bonus and attack power.


  1. Game coins are expensive
  2. To upgrade your village, you need many days and hours
  3. You need to buy coins to move ahead of your competition.
  4. Some player complaint that game is closing when they attack
  5. some player complaint that game coins are not showing after purchase