How to get more spins and coins

  • Watch promotional videos to get more spins

Just in the right corner below the slot machine, you will find one energy capsule. This energy capsule is an indicator of the free promotional videos that can help you get one spin for watching one video. You can watch the videos and avail some spins for yourself.

  • Create a card collection

The wooden chest in the game health you complete the card collection. This card collection can help you get on better levels in the game.

  • Connect to Facebook to get more benefits

As we all know, any person who is on Facebook check his or her account every day. during the process of going through their personal account, one cannot abstain themselves from peeping into the game.So one of the most dominating reasons for this game’s popularity is that this game is linked to Facebook. Benefits of connecting this game to Facebook. Invite your friends on this game and these are the benefits you will get:

50 additional spins
Option to invite friends become available
First time Bonus of 100k
Compete with your friends

So, the game does not remain just again, it becomes the crucial war between two friends.This is considered the best of Coin Master tips and tricks

  • Get free gifts from Friends

You have the gift column in the menu of the game. Here you have the chance to send gifts to your friend. You can send them 10k coins or a free spin. When your friend gets the gift, he or she is notified and is given the option to return the gift. So this becomes a Win-Win situation for both of the parties.