How do I donate a car in California?

8. How long will it take for you to pick up my car?

Once you have contacted us, one of our trained operators will arrange to have your vehicle towed away at your convenience by a professionally licensed, bonded and insured towing company.

9. Do I have any liability issues to worry about?

When your vehicle is picked up by our certified towing company, you will be given a receipt that releases you from future liability of your donated vehicle.

10. Is my donation tax deductible in California?

Yes, your car, boat or auto donation goes to benefit a bona fide charitable organization classified with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit. However, individual tax situations may vary so please check with a tax professional to determine what if any tax benefit you may receive from a tax deductible donation.

11. How do I figure out the IRS requirements for a charitable donation in CA?

The IRS provides a Donor’s Guide to Car Donations which sets forth the manner in which the IRS requires you to determine the value of your donated property. Here are some useful links:

12. How do I estimate the value of my car?

Online assistance with vehicle values can be found at:

Kelly Blue Book
Nada Guides
13. How do I contact you to schedule a pick-up?

14. What type of donation do you accept?We gladly accept all donations! Whatever you donate will help someone in a desperate circumstance. Examples of vehicle donations include the following:
Auto Donation
Van Donation
SUV Donation
Truck Donation
Boat Donation
Jet Ski Donation
Snowmobile Donation
Trailer Donation
Motorcycle Donation
Motor home Donation
RV Donation
Forklift Donation
Tractor Donation
Heavy Equipment Donation

15. Useful California information sites:

California Department of Motor Vehicles: Official Driving and Licensing information for the state of California.
California Vehicle Title Information: Provides useful information about vehicle title you will need to know for car donations in California.
Vehicle Title Forms for California: Forms that might be useful to you for car donations in the state of California such as title salvage application, replacement title application and others.

For some city information on vehicle donation check: Los Angeles Car Donation, San Diego Car Donation, San Francisco Car Donation page.
On behalf of all the women helped by your charitable car donations nationwide, we would like to thank you for your kindness.

How much tax credit do you get for donating a car?

If the donated vehicle is sold for less than $500, you can claim the fair market value of your vehicle up to $500 or the amount it is sold for if less than fair market value. If the donated vehicle sells for more than $500, you can claim the exact amount for which the vehicle is sold.

How much can I deduct for donating my car?
Under the new rules, the deductible amount of your vehicle donation is directly related to the selling price of your vehicle. Donate a car and if it sells for less than $500 you can take a tax deduction equal to the ‘fair market value’ of your donationup to $500.

How much does it cost to transfer a car title in California?
Vehicle must pass a smog check, unless exempt. Buyer must provide the ownership documents to the CA DMV. Buyer pays the $15 vehicle title transfer fee and taxes within 30 days.
Can you claim your car on your taxes?
You can deduct sales tax on a new or used purchased or leased vehicle or boat but, if you live in a state with a state income tax, it probably isn’t to your advantageto doso You must itemize deductions, and your sales tax deduction, including the sales tax on the vehicle must exceed your state income tax.
How much money do you get back on charitable donations?
That’s a total of $9,000 in charitable donations. So, this person makes $50,000 a year. From that, he can either subtract his standard deduction ($5,800) or he can subtract his charitable donations ($9,000). This means that his taxable income – the amount he pays on his federal income taxes – would likely be$41,000.

Can I put my car payments on my tax return?
Actual vehicle expenses. You can deduct interest on an auto loan, registration and property tax fees, and parking and tolls in addition to the standard mileage rate deduction, as long as you can prove that they are business expenses. Here’s a list ofauto-related expenses you might incur.

Helpful State Links

California Department of Motor Vehicles

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